Nolan amps were made in London Hammersmith in the late 60’s and ceased production the in the mid to late 70’s by small company founded by Pat Nolan who was a former amp tech with Selmer Truvoice. Many of the amps produced were copies of Blackface and Tweed Fender circuits with an EL34 output section.

How to identify, tell date of manufacture

According to a former Nolan Amplification employee, Amps made prior to 1974 had their circuits laid out on red turret boards, while those made after 1974 used white or lighter colored turretboards as well as PC board construction.

[Source including images of 100 watt Nolan head: Shawn Jeffcoat, USA email 8/2/2012]

According to bulletin board “..
The business moved to Forest Hill in about 1973/4, close to the station, where it occupied small, cheaper premises.
Most of the amplifiers made were FLAME and NOLAN combos and were a straight copy of the Fender combos”