JXG guitar logo
Current at 2010
John X Gill a luthier with over 15 years experience makes custom guitars in his workshop in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle upon Tyne.

“I’ve been making guitars under the JXG brand since approx. 1997, my current workshop is in Ouseburn, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I’ve used a couple of different dating systems – early stuff (1997-2000) has ‘JXG’ and the completion year stamped into the control cavity or on the body end of the neck. Post 2001 I started using the last two digits of the year, followed by how many guitars I’d made that year – for instance 0101 would be the first guitar I made in 1999. With the exception of a couple of ‘replica’ Fender style guitars that have ‘JXG’ stamped on the end of the neck and body (Fender decals on the headstock), the instruments I make are custom designed one-offs, made to customer specs – I don’t really have models. Headstock shapes vary quite a bit depending on the guitar, but my logo has remained essentially the same. If an instrument is bound I always use double layer binding, which is pretty distinctive. I also tend to bind scratchplates and truss rod covers, and I almost always use wooden control plates.
My myspace page is more up to date than my website regarding completed guitars and works in progress www.myspace.com/jxgguitars [Source: Jon X Gill, email 30/5/2010]

Images below – old headstock, old date mark, new date mark.

Logo at top from internet archive.

JXG Guitar