JW Black 2002- JW Black was taught the basics of guitar building in the mid 1970s at his home shop in Bethlehem, PA. He worked in a local Allentown, Pennsylvania Music Store doing repairs and set ups until he found work in Kansas City in 1980 at Swift Music Repair , where they did all aspects of guitar repair and building . He also had a repair shop that shared the same building with Jim Colclasure and Guitar Music in Kansas City focussing on classic vintage guitars .
From 1986 he worked with Roger Sadowsky in his New York City shop. While there he also moonlighted for Rudy’s Music Stop where John Suhr ran Rudy’s repairs and building.

From 1989 to 2002 he worked as a Master Builder for the Fender Custom Shop . He left California in 2002 and now lives in Oregon, doing pre-1969 Fender restorations for select Vintage Guitar Dealers around the country and paint aged bodies and necks for other guitars builders .
He also build traditionally influenced Fender style instruments , with modern touches for his friends in Japan.