JPG 2012- JPG or Josh Parkin Guitars – hand made guitars and effects pedals from Osaka, Japan.

“I’ve been making guitars under this name since my first one at the age of 17, which would have been in 2003. But in 2012 I opened the company here in Japan

Where are they made?
Original JPG’s are all handmade in Osaka Japan, our F-Line guitars have the bodies and necks made in the USA and are then finished and assembled here in Japan

How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars?
Date of manufacture can be read from the serial number. Serials can be found in the neck pocket of a bolt-on guitar/bass and respectively on the heel. if the guitar is set-neck or through-neck, the serial will be written in the pickup cavity.
serial numbers can be read as follows.
Example – 151102J
15 – 2015
11 – November
02 – second guitar of the month
J- for Josh (in case I ever decide to take on another luthier to increase production)

We have a more affordable line of guitars called F-Line, which are made from Warmoth bodies and Necks, which we then spray with a super thin Nitro finish and build up with high-end parts. These will have the F-line logo on the headstock and will have an F after the month on the serial, for example 1511F02J
We don’t have catalogs, most of the work we do is full custom, however you can find photos of my work on our facebook page, most of the guitars we make get posted on there.

I’ve attached pics of headstock logos, F-line ones are black decals, original custom JPG guitars always have the same font, but can vary in size and material, normally Pearl inlay, Aluminum inlay, Balck decal, white decal also sometimes have used a burnt it in with a heated stamp (but can’t find an example photo to hand)
Headstock shapes are custom so there’s not much continuity there.

We also make handwired effects pedals, the logo’s on these have changed, originally the graphics were decals under the lacquer (2012), then in 2013 we started having them screen printed with the logo reading ‘hand wired in osaka by JPG’. at the beginning of this year i designed a dual band parametric EQ, which instead of finishing, I acid etched the graphics in, the logo on these reads ‘JPG Osaka’. pics attached” [Source: Josh Parkin, JPG guitars email 2/11/2015]