Jordan Guitars 1979 to present “The first guitar I made that still exists is from 1979. Acoustic guitars have paper labels that are dated and signed. Early electric guitars are brand stamped “HANDCRAFTED BY JOHN JORDAN” usually in a pickup cavity or tremolo cavity and dated. Later electrics sometimes (but not always) have “Jordan” or “Jordan Custom Guitars” logos on the headstock as black or gold decals embedded in the finish or as pearl Jordan logos (for fancier models) like the archtop on my website. There are no “standard”models as every guitar I’ve ever made was built to order often with unique designs for each customer.

I’ve always resisted serial numbers as I make many kinds of instruments, but my total output is over 400 instruments perhaps 1/4 of which are guitars and basses (I make more electric violins than anything else).

My website promotes mainly my electric violins, but there are a few guitars on there at this link.

There is another company under the name Jordan that made solid state amps and effect pedals and operated out of Pasadena, CA in the 1960s and 1970s that ceased business before I began. I have no connection to this company but I do own one of their wah pedals and every once in a while I get a call or email asking about their products. I hear their products show up on ebay occasionally which is why I get emails about them, so they must have made a fair amount of gear.” [Source:  John C. Jordan, email 26/3/2008]