John Weissenrieder 2002 to present “I began building in 1998 as a pupil of Andrea Tacchi.  I have had my own workshop since 2002, in Florence Italy.

Dating John Weissenreider guitars

The year in which the instrument was constructed is written on the label.

The top is also signed and dated (on the inside) on the bass side of the lower bout; I sign my name, write the month and year, a reference number and the place where the work was done.  (i.e. Florence).
I have 2 different labels, both designed, engraved and printed by the same artist, Susanna Manghetti of Volterra, Italy. (acquaforte printing technique).  They’re similar, and I use one or the other without any particular discretion.”
[Source: John Weissenrieder, email 27/7/2008 ]