JJ HuckeJJ Hucke guitar logo 1991-2003 Launched in 1991, the JJ Hucke Guitars were built to order in London from 1991 to 1995 and the workshop relocated to Warwickshire for 1996 when a few select shops acted as dealerships. Jens J Hucke then co-launched JJ Guitars and after leaving the company in 2003 is now running Wolford Guitars as a solo project.

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“Hi thought you might like the pictures of Jens J Hucke Stormbringer …I have his first Stormbringer which was airbrushed by the man himself it is the 1991 model made for the the Namm show.
the Guitar exudes quality and there are no serial number on the early ones however easy way to tell real from fake
Jens bought in a bunch of fretboards early on from Jim Burns and they are 100 year old ebony real black and hard those are used on the early models gope these pictures help with your site. [Source and images: Kenn Gordon, email 6/7/2013]

“Jens J Hucke Guitars (AKA J.J.Hucke)

“Now these are not to be confused with HUCKE guitars as that was a different company (Same bloke in charge though) also not to be confused with JJ Guitars or Wolford Guitars) all these companies were started by Jens J Hucke. But all had differing Logos and styles.
The JJ Hucke stormbringer has a different logo to the Wolford Stormbringer also the headstock is reversed on the Wolford one. (Confusing I know)
so little history.

Jens J Hucke started making Guitars in the late 70’s but did not really come to the fore until 1991 when he Made (This Guitar I have sent pictures of) the JJ Hucke Stormbringer. He made it to launch J.J.Guitars at the 1991 NAMM show (notice he still held on to his old JJ Hucke logo at this point) in 1992 it became JJ Guitars. The Jens went his own way and “Hucke” Guitars were born. and more recently he formed “Wolford” guitars. All of Jens J Huckes guitars are hand made and are very much a boutique guitars. The are Expensive and are normally made to order. Hucke Guitars like JJ Hucke made to order in small numbers. JJ Guitars on the other hand whilst still boutique are made in greater numbers but still expensive. Wolford Guitars are strictly made to order and like J J Hucke and extremely high quality.” [Source: Kenn Gordon email 5/7/2014]

JJ Hucke Stormbringer