Jim KelleyActive Guitar Electonics

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Jim Kelley amplifiers “were made between 1978 and 1985.

The amp shop was in Tustin, California, and the cabinet shop was at my dad’s house in Upland, Ca. The company name was Active Guitar Electronics, the amps were Jim Kelley Amplifiers which is now trademarked.
Dating Jim Kelley amplifiers

The prototypes were all made in 1978 and early ’79 had the name Fortune on the nameplate. Serial numbers starting with 9 were made in 1979. All the others, beginning in 1980 started with zero. There may be a handwritten tag
inside the chassis with the name of the person who wired the amp, and perhaps the year. I wired the prototypes, and either Suzie, Christina, or Pam wired all the rest. They were all very good at it.
[Source and images courtesy of Jim Kelley, email, 5/2/2009]

Jim Kelley schematics

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