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  luthiers and guitar brands



info    updated 16/2/2016




1997 to present

Zachary guitars have been made since 1997.  Pictures of every Zachary guitar built are available at the Zachary website.


N Zaganin

N Zaganin guitar headstock

N Zaganin Custom Guitars, from Brazil


Zager guitar headstock


Denny Zager  sells his own line of guitars branded Zapger or modified Martin guitars.

Fructuoso Zalapa

Fructuoso Zalapa Luna, Mexican luthier

Image  Danzeff Guitars:

Fructuoso Zalapa Luna guitar label

Zane   Zane guitars- Made in USA



Zapp branded guitars and amps are around on google. These photos from a Zapp Les Paul copy were found on reverb.com.

Accoring to Yahoo answers the Zapp brand is assciated a Musical wholesale business founded in 1973 by Austin Lempit as a company that specialised in marketing budget musical instruments and was based in Mamaroneck, in New York, USA. In 1978 Mr. Lempit lost control of the business in a messy divorce battle with his wife and with the new owners came a brand change, retaining the Alton brand but dropping the Studio One label and started using the Zapp brand.

Zaukus   http://www.zaukusguitars.com/

ZB Custom


ZB Custom makes modern replicas of these guitars

Pedal steel guitars by Zane Beck [Source: Dave Vanellen]



Zeal guitars by Bastian Kanbach and Oliver Reich, Kaiserslautern, Germany

"We started making guitars under this brand name in September 2010
We make them strictly by hand in Kaiserslautern, Southwest Germany.

Dating Zeal guitars

The first series of of guitars are "plain", without any serial number or ID. Later, we started labeling them inside the electronic chamber, with the year and the number of this instrument in this year (e.g. 1201 is the first guitar in 2012 and so on) [Source and images: Bastian Kanbach, email 18/4/2012]


Basses, Germany

Zed Guitars


ZED guitars is two guys in Montreal, Canada.  Martin Tremblay, a talented young luthier as well as a great gipsy-style guitar player and Vincent Potel, a singer songwriter guitar freak. We got together to design a vintage-looking guitar that delivers and give it the specs anybody who knows about guitars wants… A handmade, made to measure luthier guitar at a reasonable price. [Source: Zed]

"We are luthiers from Montreal, Quebec , Canada and all our guitars are custom, handmade in our shop. You choose between our two available models and you choose the type of pickups, neck width, colour , Bigsby or not , pickguard etc... and we will build you a dream guitar. We are just starting and last year was our first guitar show. We will be there again this summer and we will be featured in a TASCHEN book about nice guitars...! We are about to finish our first batch of 30 guitars. We will definitely mark them with a serial number inside the pickup cavity. We started making plans in 2008..[Source: Vincent Potel, Zed guitars email 14.4.2010]

JR Zeidler Guitar Co

1977 to 2002

John Zeidler (1958-2002). Rose Valley Road, Wallingford, Philadelphia USA


Following pages are from the internet archive

Zeidler profile

Zeidler model descriptions archtop | excaliburjazz | jazz deluxecarrara mandolin | auditorium

Zeidler options

Zeidler workshop

Image JR Zeidler guitar label ebay Feb 2012

Image Zeidler Ax guitar from the mid 1980s found on reverb.com

Zeiler Guitars

Zeiler guitar logo

1992 to present

Jamon Zeiler, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Dean B Zelinsky

see D for DBZ

AC Zemaitis

Early 1960’s to present

Note Tony died in 2002.   

Dating Zemaitis guitars

“Tony did not use serial numbers. The family hold all of his records. With acoustics Blue edge labels are generally pre 71 and Red edged labels are post 71 (when Tony moved to Kent). [Source: The Zemaitis owners club, email 22 Jan 07]






1973 The Guitarist and 1975 Guitar Player Zemaitis articles

Copy models http://hw001.gate01.com/%7Ekerorin/zema/zema-top.html

Images eBay:

Zen Guitars

see A for Roger Allan



Zen-On guitar headstock


I must say I am confused about Zen-on or Zenon. Some snippets as follows:

In 1954 Hayashi Gakki a guitar manufacturer was bought out by Zenon, a large music distributor. [Source: Acousticguitar.com ]

Zenon are rebranded Beltone guitars made in Japan in the 1960s. [Source: Blue Book of Electric Guitars entry for Beltone]

Later in the 60’s decade Zenon guitars were marketed under the Morales brand name. [Source: The Guitar Collection ]

Images eBay: On an acoustic Zen-on from eBay Canada: Label says = ZEN-ON Guitar, Seisachu sho, made in Japan.

Zenon guitar

Zephyr   Zemaitis copies that were made in Japan and Korea. [Source: Guitars Japan]

Zerberus Guitars

2002 to present

Frank Scheucher (b 1965), Germany.

"I launched the Zerberus-Guitars brand in 2002 but I started building custom guitars for my personal use when I was 14 years old. But that was no Zerberus.

The guitars are build according to my plans and designs in a custom shop in Korea but I make handcrafted custom guitars according to customers requests in Germany, too.

The standard series are made in Korea and the special custom guitars are made by my person in Speyer/Germany.

Dating Zerberus Guitars
The actual guitars have serial numbers on the back of the headstock.
Here you can see what series the guitar is and the year it is built.
For example: H20032007 stands for H2 = Hydra Series 2 / 003 = Serial number 003 / 2007 = built in 2007.

The same with the Morpheus II for example M20512006
The Hydra I and Morpheus I has no serial number because it was the first series.
I will keep the serial number system for all the future Zerberus-Guitars.
Moreover on the back of the headstock you can find my signature.

[Source and images courtesy of  Frank Scheucher, email 25/1/2009]

Zerberus guitar


1994 to present

"All Zero's are one offs, the first one was made in 1994 as an experiment, I had been a full time player for some 35+ yrs, and wanted to build a guitar of aluminum for slide guitar. This guitar is pictured on the Info contact page of the website. It played great & sounded unique. That was sold to a local player and is in use to this day. That was the beginning & I continued refining the guitars.

I've built 48 since then many are custom order's, all lapsteels with palm pedals have been custom orders. Early Zeros have aluminum with a black photo sensitive coating. Maybe 4 of them? One is made with plastic back, sides, aluminum & Spruce top. All other's are aluminum sides, back & top. Some tops were either Koa, Spalted maple or quilt maple, these are all pictured on the website. Titanium has been used on some later models for sides.
Dating Zero guitars
ID on early ones, first 8 is a signature or nothing in pickup cavity. All Zero's after that have plate at bottom strap button with month & year plus # of guitar ie.  032 would be the 32nd made. Some also have serial # and or signature in one of the pickup cavities.

This is a one person operation conducted in shop at home, all handmade, necks made to spec. by USA Guitars." [Source: Gene Nygaard, Zero Guitars
, email 23/7/2008]

Seattle, Washington, USA



Zerosette guitars- Made in Italy

Images Zerosette guitar ebay April 2012


1982 to present

Zeta Guitars, Oakland, California, USA

Ziata Guitars

Ziata guitar headstock

2000 to present

George Ziatas is a South Australian classical guitar maker specialising in lattice braced carbon fibre reinforced guitars. He has been making guitars since 1990, professionally since the year 2000. [Source: Australian Guitar Centre]

Dating Ziata guitars and serial numbers

"The year of manufacture is on the label viewed through the sound hole with my signature on the label written in black pen.  I used to have a serial number on the label which I  used as an indicator of all the construction details for my own personal logs. I stopped using the serial numbers some time in mid 2006 and at 099 guitars. The serial numbers started at 001 then progressed counting up to 099.

After 2006 I have been indicating the year of manufacture on the label only. I also photograph each guitar with details listed and log them for my own archives.

If anyone needs to authenticate one of my guitars or get specific information , they can contact me with there info request at info@ziataguitars.com .

I have always used my original headstock shape with the exception of my no.001 and no.002 guitar." [Source: George Ziatas, email 9/3/2009]


Zilliam guitars "They're built by an English guy who lives in France" [Source: Harmony Central ]


Zim-Gar guitar head stock


Japanese made, distributed by Gar-Zim Musical Instrument Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Images Cragilist, eBay:

Zim-Gar acoustic guitar Zim Gar guitar

Zim-Gar guitar 1963  - Made in Japan

Zimmerly   Zimmerly Bass Guitars are hand crafted in the USA


1980 to present

Dating Zimnicki guitars

"The year the guitar was made is written on the label. Also, I usually sign and date the soundboards before I finish assembling the bodies." [Source: Gary, Zimnicki Gutiars, email 10 Mar 2008]



Zion guitars, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Images eBay:

Zoa   Xion Zoa, Oregon

Zodiac Guitars

1992 to present

Zodiac Works, Japanese guitars since 1992.

Zodiac guitar logo

Zoldos   Zoldos guitars are unusual shaped elecric guitars and basses. On one bass guitar I saw on ebay the date made and signature was on the back of the body ona control plate.

Zolla Guitars

1979 to present

Bill Zolla. Custom guitars and parts San Diego, California, USA


Attila Zoller was a pretty famous guitarist.  There are acoustic pickups with his name on them made by Shadow Electronics.  Cannot find out who made the guitars.

Images courtesy of  Anton, Finland, email 28/2/1011

Zon guitars

1981 to present

ZON GUITARS was founded in Buffalo, New York, as a custom guitar and repair shop in May 1981 by bassist/luthier Joe Zon. The company grew out of a retail music store called the Buffalo Guitar Outlet. [Source: www.zonguitars.com ]

Image Zon bass ebay Australia 25/1/2012

Jan Zonjee

1998 to present

Jan Zonjee makes guitars in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

I started making guitars (classical & flattop steelstrings) in 1998 under the name "Jan Zonjee gitaren" which is as you understand Dutch for Jan Zonjee guitars.

I had my workshop in Utrecht-Holland until spring 2008.  From October 2008 I have a workshop In Amersfoort.

Dating Zonjee guitars

The year of manufacturing is on the label inside the guitar (see photo) and most of the time also in pencil on the back of the soundboard, with my autograph." [Source and images, Jan Zonjee, email 14/3/2009]

Jan Zonjee guitar label

Fabio Zontini   Fabio Zontini makes classical and romantic guitars. Savona, Italy.

Zoo Customs

Guitars and amps made in Montreal Canada.

Zoo Customs at myspace

Zoot Basses   see Iceni


Current at 2010

Zo's Guitars Custom guitars by Bill "Bonzo" White, Alexandria, VA USA


Serial numbers http://www.zumsteel.net/sections/serial/serial.gif


Z Vex Drip guitar. 65 made.

Z Vex drip guitar

The following image is from eBay and a purple Drip signed by Steve Vai.  The date appears on the back of the guitar under the neck plate.

Zwier Guitars

1988 to present


"I started manufacturing in 1988.

Dating Zwier guitars

The date of manufacture can be told by looking on the back of the headstock, you will find the date of manufacture written on it.

Additional information:

In 1990 I attended the College for Musical Instruments Building in Puurs (Belgium). After 5 years I received my master-luthier degree.

I have manufactured over 200 guitars (electric and acoustic) and most of them are one-offs." [Source: Sjak Zwier, email 28/3/2008]

Phil Zychowski 1995 to 2006 Phil Zychowski Guitars, hand made Ranger, Georgia, USA.  Web site was available on wayback machine in 1998.  Here is the remnant of that page.

ZZ Ryder


Stenzler Musical Instruments, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

"ZZ Ryder Guitars - 2003 - Higher quality electric guitars, suspended production in late 2008; may be back in the future. Made in China.

Dating ZZ Ryder Guitars

Our serial number has the date made in it: K0612t0516 - this one was built in the 12th month of 2006." [Source: Mark W. Jabben, M&M Merchandisers, Inc, email 6/1/2009]

2006 ZZ Ryder Catalog (internet archive)

see M&M Merchandisers