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info    updated 24/9/2013


Vadis amps were made in Sydney, Australia in the 1960s and 1970s  [Source: Grouse Guitars] by Soundcraft Pty Ltd

Aso badged Galaxie [Source: Ozvalveamps]

Amp images courtesy of Bruce Freeman, Australia :

Soundcraft Vadis ampliier head Soundcraft Vadis ampliier Model 601 label


Vahlbruch effects made in Germany . Made by Dr. Henning Vahlbruch · Sanitätsrat Seebohm Str. 4 · D-31832 Springe
" I started in november 2010.

How do you date Vahlbruch pedals?

Every pedal has a specific serial number, which starts for each type of pedal at A 0001. Revisions are marked for example with a "B" in front of the serial... like for the Chorus it is now "B 0345" compared to the a SpaceTime pedal: "A 0512".
But there is no special coding involed, which can be used for precise dating. The serial just goes one higher the time I build the next one." [Source: Henning, email 24/9/2013]




Valco schematics

The Valve

'The Valve' was launched in the mid-90s by Galeazzo Frudua, an Italian luthier, and, since 1988, owner of Frudua Guitar Works, an Italian electric guitar manufacturer.

In 2001, upon completion of a phase of rigorous testing, Galeazzo Frudua entrusted the development of the project to TBE, a Bologna-based electronics specialist. In 2004, 'The Valve' was launched at the Frankfurt Music Messe

All amps are Made in Italy by hand and you can order them in your choice of colours

Dating The Valve amplifiers
From left on the first 3 digits identify the product class (type of product like a cab or an amp) next 4 digit are progressive number of item.
Last four digit are the month and year so for example 0709 is July 09. [Source: Galeazzo Frudua , The Valve amps, email, 28/12/2009]

The Valve amp


Valve amps from  the United Kingdom, based in South West London.

Valve Tech Amplifier Company

ValveTech Amplifier Company, Ossian, IN USA. Amps by Rob Pierce


The business proprietor ( and sole employee! ) is Darryl Hoy who built "Scion" valve amplifiers in Newcastle, Australia in the 1970's and early 1980's.

This is a return to where his career began over thirty years ago.

Australian made Valvetone amp

ValveTrain Amplification

Florida, USA

Reviews http://www.valvetrainamps.com/reviews.htm

see Low Watt amps

V Amp

V amp (not the Behringer item)

"Used to have an amp that I haven't seen referenced anywhere on-line. It was a V Amp VR60 Lead as pictured below. I bought it around 1986 in an auction where they seemed to be selling off all the stock of the company, including empty chassis and other parts. This was in Bedford, UK, so I assume the company may have been based somewhere nearby. I can't remember what I paid for it at the time. I think it was a 60W with 12" speaker. It had footswitch inputs for channel and reverb" [Source: Steve, email, 14/7/2011]

1986 V amp VR60



Van Weeldon

First time I saw this brand was behind Joe Bonamassa. Van Weelden Amplification , Apeldoorn, The Netherlands


Victory Audiophonic Sound Equipment . Established by Tony Troughton in Brisbane in the 1960's. [Source: Oz Valve Amps] Company reborn 2007.

Vase at Visiting the Well


Image ebay:

Vase Bassman 80


Image 1939 Vega amp eBay:

1939 Vega amp


Billy Yates, Venice Amplifier Company, Venice, California, USA

Venice amplifier


Verellen amplifiers , USA.


Made since" 2007, Seattle/Tacoma Washington.

Dating Verellen amplifiers.

There's a hand written serial number in silver ink on the rear panel towards the right hand side (from the perspective of looking at the rear panel). There's a silk screened "BV#" followed by the serial number. Amps with a number below 50 were made in 2007 or 2008. Amps from 50 - 100 were made in 2009. Amps beyond 100 were made in 2010 or beyond..." [Source: Ben Verellen, email 6/11/2010]

Verellen amplifier


Verlage Systems

Verlage amplifiers were made in Canada


"Made 1968 to 1973 in Humbolt, Regina, Saskatchewan" [Source and images: StuartHardcastle, email 28/7/2012]

Verlage Canadian amplifier head



Vero Vero Amplifiers since 1997. The company was formed by brothers Steve and Chris Fazio and close friend John Madigan


Versatone amps made in 1960s and 1970s. [Source: Wikipedia]

Model 133 guitar amp was made by Audio Guild Corp.

Image Sean's Blog:

Versatone amplifier

see Audio Guild Corp


VHT Amplification. USA made valve amplifiers, Newbury Park, California USA. see Fryette

Following message posted 2004 VHT Users forum

"Serial code is as follows:


UL= Ultralead (will start with CL for the CLX)

D = Month (April)

4 = 2004

D = 117V (E = 230/240V, A = 100V)

2 = EQ option, 1 = No Option ( CLX only: 3 = Reverb, 4 = Reverb+EQ) A = Ignore 0999 = production number

If they don't have this type of serial code format, they are over 7 years old "

VHT Amp catalog

VHT Forum http://www.vhtusers.com/forums/index.php

Prepal prices for VHT amps

Pictures of my old VHT Pittbull 45 single 12 combo:

VHT Pittbull 45 12 inch combo amplifier VHT Amplification Newbury Paark, California Pittbull Speaker

Vibration Technology

Click to enlarge

Vibration Technology, Scarborough, Canada. 1970s.  Some reports made in Uxbridge Ontario.

Models included:

VT Phasor Twin, Model 2G12A (late 1970's), 60 watt solid state guitar combo with closed back.

VR 140 Guitar Equalizer

SL 140 Slave Amplifier

Images eBay:

Vibration Technology Canada guitar amplifier  Made in Canada VT amp serial number


Victor Music Amp.

Image Yahoo auction:

Victor Music guitar amplifier Victor amp


see Guitars

Victoria brand amp and guitar

Victoria Amp Co

Our serial numbers are sequential, starting with 000001 way back in early 1994..we are now at approx 003500. the number is assigned when the amp is shipped. On most amps, there is a date code written on the tube chart next to my intials (MB). To the untrained eye, the date code will look like meaningless heiroglyphics, but it is actually a sophisticated ancient cryptographic language. Contact us for translation. I will leave the key to the code in my will, so future generations can date Victoria Amplifiers.
Example: an amp manufactured in Feb. 2006 will have a marking that looks like
+ U + C
Have fun! [Source: Mark Baier, President, Victoria Amp Co, email 9/2/2007]

Image Home Brew Tweaks

Victoria amplifier chassis date label

Vintage Amp

Vintage Amp is a German made brand of amplifier and cabinets made by PCL.

We have two different guitar-amp brands, one is "Vintage-Amp" and the other is "Rath-amp".

Vintageamp is produced in Germany, (66606 St.Wendel).

Most of the Rath-amp products were produced in Germany, (some of the very small models, were produced in Hungary, by the company Solton Music, who distributed Rath-amp.)

Our company is totally private organised, so we are not a stock-company, or a limited company.

Since the time, we repurchased the company from Solton music, we start producing in Germany only.
Dating Vintage Amp, Rath Amp
I could only tell aproximatly, when these older products we produced.

Those interested in finding out should ask each time, that would be the best." [Source: Martin Altmeyer, PCL, email 4/11/2010]

Vintage 47

Made by David Barnes, Guerneville, California, USA


see Low Watt Amps

Vintage Sound Amps

Vintage Sound Amps is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida

Images eBay:

Vintage Vibrations

Dating Vintage Vibration amps

"Each year starts over. (04001-04xxx,05001-05xxx etc.) Serial # and actual date of completion is on tube chart, and stamped into cabinets." [Source and image courtesy of Ampdan, email 24/4/2009]

Vintage Vibrations

Visual Sound

Vizy Amplification

Vizy amplification, a new "boutique" amp brand made in France since 2009.
"I build only valves amps and only in a vintage way.

Dating Vizy amps

My date code system is very simple .
As I'm working only on demand , date code is stamped on chassis with DD/MM/YY as you can see on the pics from the last amp (bottom) I build for a Parisian client.
With a miracle if I could produce more than on amp a day, letters A;B;C...will follow the date code. [Source and images: Philippe Moteau,Vizy amps, email 29/12/2010]

My Space

VL Effects

VL Efects are made by Vincent Loret in Paris, France. He has produced the Bullitt Booster pedal since 1982 and also produces F40 and M45 amps. [Source: Vincent Loret, email 1/4/2010]



Voice of Music

Voice of America amplifiers, V-M Corporation, Benton Harbor, Michigan. from 1944-1977.

Voice of Music Enthusiast Pages


Images of 1950s Voice of Music amplifiers, Made in USA - eBay:

Voice of Music amp



Volt amplifiers are built on order by Geoff Pugh in the UK.

See Aston Electronics


VoluTone was established 1902 [Source: Companydatabase]

VoluTone amplifiers by Volu-Tone company, Los Angeles Made in USA. Licensed by Electrical Research Prod Inc.  The Rola  speaker on the model pictured is dated May 1939.

Images eBay:





Voodoo Amplification, Lansing, New York, USA

Image eBay:

Voodoo amp

Voodoo Lab

"We started manufacturing our products under the name Digital Music Corporation in 1986. (Our DBA is Voodoo Lab.)

Some products have the manufacture date on the serial tag. Others have no notation, but could only be dated by our internal manufacturing records." [Source: Ms. Harmony Ellis, Voodoo Lab email 21/3/2008]


Made by Pearl ? early 1980s

Pedals included Vorg Warp Sound, Graphic EQ,

Vorg effects pedal


Vox History


Vox reference books

The Vox Story: A Complete History of the Legend (Guitar History, No. 4)

Dating VOX amplifiers / products can be very difficult according to: http://www.voxshowroom.com/faq/index.html#date

But there is a bit of a hint here: http://www.voxshowroom.com/uk/amp/korg_panel_r.html


Vox amplifier catalogs/ads


1966 http://users.nac.net/the/gear/voxcat.html


2007 Vox amps USA catalog

2012 Vox amp catalog

Vox schematics








VOX Product Manuals http://www.britishaudioservice.com/manuals.shtml

Vox Pacemaker serial plate


see Vibration Technology


Vukmanic amps. Full service repair and mods for vintage amplifiers for over 15 years! Custom built amps and cabinets, including HiTone Amplifiers, Florance Amplifiers, and the upcoming OUTLAW GuitarAmps.

Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, United States.

VVT Amplification

Tube amps, Waldorf, Maryland

Image eBay:

VVT amplifier head