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  updated 11/5/2014



Lou Hinkley makes Daedalas cabinets and amps


Early 1960's English made Dallas "30" combo amplifier. A few years later, Dallas merged with Arbiter to make Sound City Amplifiers.

Image eBay:

Dallas ampliier


Image eBay

Dallas Arbiter Trem Face effects pedal






Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong parted company with Ampeg in mid to late 1971 and moved to England where he worked briefly for Orange® amplifiers. He only worked for them briefly - a few months at the most."
After this he started a new amplifier line with Boosey & Hawkes®. [Source: http://www.danarmstrong.org/amps.html ]

Dan Armstrong amplifier head


1953-1958 Produced Red Bank New Jersey , 
1958-1969, Neptune New Jersey - company then folded
1998 produced in Asia. [Source: The 3rd Edition Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers ]





Danelectro amp catalogs http://www.danguitars.com/DanoCatalog.html

Danelectro schematics

Image ebay:

Danelectro tube amplifier


Danville amplifier - Made in China

Danville combo guitar amplifier



DAR Amplification Palo Alto California


Da Vinci

Private brand made by Magnatone in late 1950s to 60s.  Da Vinci Accordion Company. Santa Ana, California.


Images eBay:

Da Vinci Accordion Company combo guitar amplifier Da Vinci Accordion Company guitar amplifier label



Davis & Co. is from Dallas, TX and has been making amps since the early 40's and is still making amps today.

Images eBay:

Davis amplifier


The Davoli brand began with Athos Davoli in Italy. Athos worked as electronics engineer in the Italian aircraft industry in WW2.  Following the war he started a small workshop, and within a few years he was designing and building innovative vacuum tube devices. He founded the Davoli Krundaal company in Parma in 1957.  Ealry in the 1960s Davoli started making instrument amplifiers and P.A. systems, which rapidly caught on in Italy.[Source: Guitarlist]


Images 1958 Davoli  Krundaal Tube Amp D531T eBay:

Davoli amplifier Davoli amp





Darron Thornbury hand makes make high-end music electronics (pedals/effects) in Melbourne, Australia.

Models include Class A Germanium Amplifier, Optical Tremelo, Effects Loop, Germanium Fuzz

"Manufacturing of Dazatronyx branded pedals started in 2006. They are all serial numbered but can't be identified by year without me looking it up from my lists.

The serial numbers are hand engraved inside underneath the footswitch, where the battery would sit." [Source: Darron Thornbury, emai 16/8/2009]

Dazatronyx Class A Germanium Amplifier


DBS Electronic

DBS Electronic amplifiers were made in Italy.

Images eBay:

DBS Electronic ampDBS Electronic Made in Italy



Since 1976.

Dean combo guitar amplifier


Dean Markley

String manufacturer introduced combo amps in 1983 but are long discontinued. Support documents (owners manuals and schematics) are still available.

Dean Markley also produced effects pedals.

Images Dean Markley K150 and Dean Markley Overlord effects pedal amp eBay:

Dean Markley K150 combo guitar amplifier  Dean Markley Overlord effects pedal


De Armond

Pick up manufacturer sold amps from 1959-1963. Effects also.

De Armond amps were made by Rowe Industries, Toledo, Ohio, USA. [Source and images of 1960 De Armond R15TV eBay

De Armond schematics


De Armond combo amplifier Rowe Industries De Armond combo amplifier Rowe Industries Model R15T label

Images DeArmond Wa Wa pedal from eBay: Note the date is stamped inside the pedal.

DeArmond Model 1800 Wa Wa Pedal



Decca was the famous record company.  As for guitars, the Decca brand name also appeared on amplifiers. At least some of these amps were made in Japan in the 1960s by Teisco.  Some were made in USA per picture below.

Apparently at some stage the Beatles used Decca amps [ Source: Richieunterberger ]

Image USA made Decca amplifier [Source: Audiokarma]

Decca guitar amplifier logo


De Koekkoek

This label was forwarded to me from a 1960/70s Dr koekkoek amp.  From Holland.

DE KOEKKOEK - HOLLAND Fnctional Sound Systems Caesar guitar amplifier


De Lisle

De Lisle guitars, amplifiers and effects pedals Zionsville, Indiana USA since 2008.

Dating DeLisle amplifiers and effects

see DeLisle guitar dating Amps have the same format with the watts appended on the end, so 0805205 would be a 5W amp (Nickel Box) completed on May 20, 2008. Serial numbers appear on the tube chart. The date is handwritten on the inside of pedals. [Source: Jer, DeLisle, email 19/10/2010]



Delta Products Corp, Sun Valley, California


Click to enlarge



Since 1980. James Demeter founded Innovative Audio and renamed to Demeter in 1990. Van Nuys, California. Amps from 1985.

Demeter amplification guitar combo DemeterAmplification  Fuzzulator

De Santa Fe

De Santa Fe amp - acoustic guitar. Found on Gumtree - Australia May 2014.



Devilcat amplifiers. Made in the USA
by Chris Mitchell. Also makes CMG guitars.
Made since " 2012. All of our products are made in Statesboro, Georgia.
How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars & amps?
The amps are coded like this: 130802 (13 - meaning 2013, 08 - Meaning August, 02 - second amp built that month)
The Guitars are simply numeric. In order of build. Right now we're getting close to #170." [Source and images: Chris Mitchell, email 23/9/2013]

2014 Devilcat amp brochure

DG Amplification

The DG Funk Farm amplifier is hand built by Peter Medvick, who has been repairing amps and playing music in the Toronto area for decades.

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