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info    updated 8/8/2015

Component info - date any vintage amplifier - effects


A common way of dating amplifiers and effects is to refer to date codes on components.  Here are some popular general resources - then read on to find specific brand information if available.


TRY THIS FIRST - Guitar date project

Dating any amp - source codes - http://www.provide.net/~cfh/pots.html (includes Jensen speakers)


Tubes, Capacitors, Transformers, Potentiometers (controls) & Resistors, and Speakers http://www.triodeel.com/eiacode.htm

webervst.com/codes.html (note there are 4 pages of codes here) and more again at webervst.com/morecode.html




Abbey Sound began in 1975 in New Zealand, created by Ross Nicol, a former professional musician with a background in electrical and electronic engineering.  He initially set up a workshop in a spare bedroom, then later expanded into his garage at home.  The first Abbey amplifier was based on the Beatles Vox AC-30.  Encouraged by steady demand for the diversifying product range of Abbey amplifiers and speakers throughout New Zealand, the decision was made to relocate to Australia in 1980.

He set up in a small factory in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Seaford, Ross began with a small team to further develop the product range.

For many years the company operated two complexes of rehearsal rooms in Victoria, located at Seaford and Port Melbourne. During this period all manufacturing was carried out at the premises in Port Melbourne, till being relocated back to a new larger factory at Seaford in the late 1990's.

Like many companies competition from cheap mass-produced imports made the manufacture of amplifiers and speaker enclosures in Australia unviable.  The company now performs repairs, service and installation/upgrades. [Source: Abbey Sound]


Abbey amplifier

Ace Audio

Ace Audio amplifiers Sao Paolo Brazil by engineer Paulo Acedo

Ace Pepper

Ace Pepper Custom Amplifiers . 12-14 custom amps a year built in San Marcos, Texas by Mr Ace Pepper .

"Since 2000 all my amps are handmade in San Marcos, Texas. The company started as ThunderTweak Amplifiers.
In 2010 we changed the name to Ace Pepper Custom Amplifiers.

Dating Ace Pepper amps

Most of my amps are signed and dated on the side of the chassis ." [Source and images: Ace Pepper, email 25/1/2013]

Buzz Bomb amplifier Ace Pepper proprietor


Acetone logo

Ace Tone amps and effects made by Sakata Shokai of Osaka, Japan from the late 1960s-1970s. Later to become Roland/Boss.



Acetone catalog http://ushigomepan.cool.ne.jp/effect/catalogue.html

Acetone schematics


Images eBay:

Acetone Bass 6 Solid State Amplifer Acetone label Sakata Shokai Ltd

Achillies Amps

Australian made replicas of classic designs, Springvale, Victoria, Australia

Made by "Labros Bogthanis since Jan - 2006 in Melbourne.

Dating Achillies Amps

Amplifiers are signed by the assembler, dated and given it's production number all engraved inside the chassis. The cabinets are also stamped with there matching chassis production number located inside the base of the cabinet. Speaker cabinets have a code on the inside base of the cabinet which matches the customers invoice number to inform what was ordered with the cabinet at that time. ie, type of speakers, tolex and other custom options. First 3 digits represent the production number and the last 6 digits represent the date it was completed. ie, DAY - MONTH - YEAR. Early cabinets were stamped ACHILLIES in block letters above the code, current cabinets have the Achillies logo head in the same place symbolizing authenticity and quality. This also prohibits unauthorized copies."

[Source and images Labros, email 21/5/2009]

Reviews are at Harmony Central

Achillies amp logo

Achillies amp date of manufacture Achillies amp serial number

Acoustic amplifier logo

Manufactured by Acoustic Control Corporation

Originally Acoustic Control Corporation (Los Angeles, California) from 1960s to 80s. Mainly solid state amps.  Samick took over the Acoustic brand from 2001.

Unofficial Acoustic Control Corporation Homepage


Acoustic amplifier schematics



Acoustic Control Beach Boy Amp - Image eBay:

Acoustic Control The Beach Boy Amplifier Model 6520

Acoustic amp control panel

Acoustic Image

Acoustic Image amplifiers are from Raleigh, North Carolina USA



Analog Digital Association, Berkeley, California. 1977 to 2002. [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]  Appear to be re-emerging in 2008-9.

ADA Depot - specialist site for this brand

Images ADA Flanger and ADA Rocket amp eBay:

ADA Flanger effects pedal ADA Rocket guitar amplifier

see Rocket

Advance Tube Technology

Advance Yube Technology amplifiers are from Lombardo, Italy

Advance Tube Technology amplifier




AGS amplifier logo

AGS Model 300 Tube Guitar Amp, 1x8 Speaker, Made in Canada

Images ebay

ags amplifier


Dave Boonshoft founded Aguilar amps with Alex Aguilar in 1995.  In 2004 Boonshoft became sole owner. New York, USA

Images eBay:

Aguilar DB728 Tube Power amplifier Aguilar serial number


Ahed Music Corporation, Ltd., established in 1969, changed its name in 1978 to Ahed Corporation, then became Eco Corporation. Ahed was a Canadian amplifier manufacturer. [Source: Wikipedia].

Brands included GBX  and Taurus

[Images eBay]

Ahed GBX Bass Driver Amplifier Ahed GBX Amplifier logo


Aiken amp logo

Amps from Buford, Georgia, USA. 2000 to present.

The manufacturing date is written inside the chassis on Aiken amps. [Source: Randall Aiken, Aiken Amplification, email 5/2/2007]

search at http://www.vintageguitar.com

Aiken amp interview from Guitar Amplifier Magazine


Amplifiers from the 1970s.  According to Garage AIMS amplifiers were designed by some former Fender employees who started the AIMS company. From the Ampage archive Aims amplifiers were made in Arizona and came with a lifetime warranty. Distributed by Randall Instruments. 

On an eBay sale an AIMS amp was made in Phoenix, Arizona.

Aims schematics

Free schematic Aims Producer 120

(paid site) http://www.musicparts.com/products.asp?Company=Aims

AIMS amplifier control panel


Airline amps were produced by Valco 1958 to 1968.


Amp in case http://en.allexperts.com/q/Guitar-General-649/Dating-Airline-Electric-Amp.htm

Airline amp schematics

Reviews http://www.myrareguitars.com/airline18wattcombo1.html

see Valco

Image Airline amps eBay:

Airline combo guitar amplifier Airline amp


Alamo logo

Alamo amp control panel

Produced in San Antonio, Texas from 1974 to 1982. Founded by Charles Eisenberg, Milton Fink and Southern Music, San Antonio, Texas. Distributed by Bruno. 

From 1949 - All tube amps.

1973-1980 - Solidstate preamps and valve power section.

1980-1982 - all solidstate. [Source: Vintage Guitar Price Guide]

Fair bit of history - the dating information is at the end of part II - search at http://www.vintageguitar.com



Alamo amplifier schematics

Alamo Amp Schematics


Images Alamo Electronics Corporation, eBay:

Alamo amplifierAlamo amplifier logoChallenger amplifier, Alamo Electronics Corporation San Antonion Texas


Albio musical instruments logo

Albion amps by Steve Grindrod since 2009.

Albion amplifier catalogs

Albion amps brochure 2011

Albion amps brochure 2013

Albion amplifier brochure 2014


Alden were budget solidstate guitar and bass amps from Muse, Inc, China [Source: Vintage Guitar Magazine Price Guide ]


Alembic preamps and effects

Alembic schematics


Alembic forum http://alembic.com/cgi-bin/alembic-club/discus.cgi

Alen Geere Effects pedals made by Alen Emre Balkan, Turkey.


Alesis was founded 1992 to present. They make a broad range of sound gear, modelling amps, effects.


Amps from George Alessandro. Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

Dating Alessandro amps

"Since 1995.  Earliest amps had no SN. 1996- 1998 had SN above AC connector. 1998 - present has SN under left hold down chassis bracket on back part of chassis.

All amps have specs and build completion date on inside cover plate of chassis." [Source: Hounddogcorp, Alessandro Amps, email 19/3/2008]

Allesandro amp article

Alessandro schematics




Alien is a brand of handmade tube amps and effects pedals from Sao Paolo Brazil

Alien amps


Allen amp logo

Allen amps are from Walton, Kentucky. Handwired amps or kits. Tube amps and kits.

Dating Allen Amplification amps

As you can see from the image below David Allen signs and dates his amps on the chassis.

Images eBay:

Allen Amplification Hot Fudge

David Allen - serial number and date of manufacture

Allied Radio

Allied Radio, 100 N. Western Ave., Chicago 80, Illinois. There are many brands in the Allied Radio catalog including Knight which is used on kits and amplifiers including guitar amps.

Image eBay:

Allied Radio Knight Amplifier white Allied Radio Knight Amplifier white makers name


see Aloha in guitars

Alpha Omega Pedals

Alpha Omega are hand built vintage voiced guitar effects pedals. Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive, Modulation and Delay pedals.


Alpha and Omega Amps

Alpha & Omega Amplifiers is a small-batch tube-type guitar amplifier builder based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.


Alron logo

Alron amps were made by H.B.C. Electronics in Napier, New Zealand sometime in the 1980s. [Source: NZ Guitars forum ]

Alron Bass guitar amplifier


AMDEK (Analogue Music Digital Electronics Kits)‎

Amdek effects pedals were in fact made by Boss/Roland back in the eighties and were very popular in England. They were advertised in a music magazine (Electronics & MusicMaker), and were sold in a bubble-pack in Kit form (DIY). [Source: Boss Area Forum]

Sound on sound article

A big list at DiscoFreqs effects data base

Amdek catalog 198? http://brochures.yokochou.com/index.html

Image eBay:

Amdek flanger effects pedal


Ampeg logo

In 1946, Everette Hull established a partnership with Stanley Michaels under the name "Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs" to produce a new microphone pickup that Hull designed. The pickup was fitted on the end of an upright bass and was dubbed the Amplified Peg or "Ampeg" for short.  In 1949, Hull became the sole proprietor and changed the name of the company to the Ampeg Bassamp Company. In 1986, St. Louis Music, Inc purchased Ampeg. [Source: Ampeg ]

Ampeg reference books

Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound

Ampeg History/ Info

Unofficial Ampeg

Fliptops - Ampeg parts

Dating Ampeg

Bluemuse page from the internet archive

Ampeg catalogs

2002 Ampeg Catalog  p2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12 13  14  15  16  17  18

2004 Ampeg catalog

Ampeg schematics



Images 1957 Ampeg Mercury amp Roosevelt ve, Woodside New York eBay:

 Ampeg Mercury amp Ampeg Co Woodside New York

Image of labels from 1961 Ampeg Echo Twin and 1970 Ampeg, Linden New Jersey eBay:

Ampeg, New Jersey Ampeg Co Inc, Linden New Jersey USA

1966 Ampeg Gemini amp Linden New Jersey

Ampeg Gemini Ampeg Dalziel Road Linden New Jersey


Ampex is an American electronics company founded in 1944 by Alexander M. Poniatoff. The name AMPEX is an acronym, created by its founder, which stands for Alexander M. Poniatoff Excellence. At one time public, Ampex is currently a privately held company. [Source: Wikipedia]

Images Ampex valve amp with JBL speaker eBay:

Ampex speaker amplifier Sunnyvale California AMpex amp


Radio speakers from at least the 1920s. Graham Amplion Limited of London, W. I

Radio museum

Images Go Antiques and  eBay:

Amplion loud speakers amp brochure Amplion obtainable from all Radio dealersAmplion speaker amp


Ampower amplifiers were made in Chicago 1940s

Reviews are at Harmony Central

Images Ampower Model 80 Tremelo eBay:

 Ampower Model 80 Tremelo amplifier Ampower Model 80 Tremelo control panel


Ampro corporation, Chicago USA at least in the 1940s


Image Ampro Speaker cab 1946 speaker eBay:

Ampro speaker cabinet Ampro Deluxe Speaker

AMT Electronics

This brand name has been around since 2001.  From 1991 to 2001 it was called Asia MT .  See the history of this company at the company web site.

AMT S1 Legend Amps


Amwatts is specializing in hand made Speaker Cabinets and Ol' School Tweed style low wattage amps. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


AMZ schematics


An- A continued