JD BluesvilleJD Bluesville 2005 to present John Schappell and luthier Davis Millard, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“I began making guitars under the “Bluesville” name in 1996. Only about 12 were sold under that name, all copies of vintage instruments. in 2004 I began making guitars under the “J D Bluesville” name. These were all on an order only basis. Approximately 40 guitars are in circulation under that name.

All instruments are made in my shop located in Allentown, PA

“Bluesville” guitars have the date made written in the neck pocket. “J D Bluesville” guitars have the date of manufacture hand written on the back of the headstock along with my signature. (DSM).

All “Bluesville” guitars were sold domestically. Many of the “J D Bluesville” guitars have been sold to the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Canada.” [Source and image courtesy: David Millard, email, 21/11/2008]