James BlakeJames Blake Guitars Rothley Leicestershire 2009- ” I make a few instruments available through my site as well as to order. This is a process which has evolved gradually over the last ten or so years. I suppose I just took the guitarist tinkering thing to the next logical level. Other people started liking what I was doing and gradually the business developed (though still small and remaining hand built).
I first registered the domain name jamesblakeguitars.com about 4 years ago. This represented a “commercial offering” beyond word of mouth. As my instruments are handbuilt and thus I enjoy a relationship with the end user, I’ve never really got round to designing or applying a logo. So far there’s one exception to this when I was asked specifically to state where the instrument was built. I attach the pro forma I used along with a photo of the back of the instrument showing the plate in situ. This is something I anticipate making a regular feature on future builds.All instruments are built one at a time in my workshop in the midland village of Rothley, situated between Leicester and Loughborough.

How can someone tell the date of manufacture for your guitars?

They can ask! I photograph each build process. As with the logo question, you touch on something that I really ought to get around to.

Up until now I’ve used a Telecaster silhouette consistently for my builds. I’ve decided to move away from this by subtly re-designing the body and headstock shapes to mark them out as a unique design. Any traditional Tele design will have been made (or at least started) before January 2013.

Attached picture. I’m on the left with the scarf. (credit Claire Hubbard) [Source and images: Richard Blake, jamesblakeguitars.com, email 30/4/2013]