Mike Walsh Started Zootbass in 1994.

From his current web site Essex Guitar Repairs

As a young boy I was always good at anything to do with deisgn and woodwork. I exceeded in subjects such as maths, art, woodwork, TD, and metal work at school.

Coming from a very musical family where musical instruments were always being played at home, and the record player never seemed to be switched off, I had a natural interest in music and instruments for as far back as I can record.

In 1976 I started a small guitar repair shop with my ex school mate Peter May. We ran this company with minimal tools from my dad’s back shed. Getting work from local shops and musicians, especially those who attended the Monday night jam at the Zero six.

Many years later (1984) I started Iceni music which quickly became Zoot bass. At it’s peak, Zoot bass was producing between 50 – 100 basses a year. Deciding to take things slower in my later years, I decided to run a repair shop and custom shop for customers who like a one-to-one relationship.

Bringing it up to date, I now work on my own and repair or build each individual instrument myself.


The following short bios of the four partners who made Zootbass from website 2004.

Neil Gyuat
Neil has been around Zootbass for a couple of years now mainly helping out on weekends and we’re very pleased to have Neil amongst us mellowing out the other staff’s moody settings. An accomplished bassplayer Neil owns a Chaser custom with one SD basslines MM humbucker, Spalted maple top which looks nearly as good as Neil but has a quicker response (just joking, Neil)…

We are very happy to have Neil and his good spirit amongst us!

Christian Ohlsson

The Swedish Geezer writing all of this is the newest addition to the Zoot team. 31 years old and a pro bassplayer I got in contact when ordering a replacement for my 4 Status basses replaced by a Zoot customshop model with everything extra including a 13-piece laminated neck. I am responsible for the website, customer relations and terrible cups of tea! (And bad Swedish jokes…) Always in a good mood ready to talk basses to anyone who’s interested.

Mike Walsh
Mike IS THE grand inventor of the next step in modern bass design, never afraid to try something radical to push the envelope of modern bass making. Always keen to listen to the customers requirements and never lets a customer down in the respect of making the perfect bass for each customer. To describe Mike’s bass making; Nothing short of magical…

Colin Fitch
A kind hearted soul and terrible good craftsman we’re very happy to have Colin amongst us. Always a sticker for perfection, he never leaves any work less than 100% perfect. Always in a good mood and good spirits, it’s always good fun to have him around. Very clever guy when it comes to ideas and inventions!