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1932 to present

Founded in Nagoya, Japan by Matsujiro Hoshino as a book and stationery supply, retailing musical instruments from 1909.  Started importing musical instruments in 1921. Son, Yoshitaro became president and instrument export started in 1927. They imported Salvador Ibanez guitars from Spain and purchased the brand in 1930s. Factories destroyed during WWII but manufacture began again in 1950s.

Ibanez dating and serial numbers

Ibanez “Heart and Soul” USA made guitars (Bensalem, PA) were made from 1988 -1990. California guitars were 1990-1992. Others Coopersburg, PA 1993-94 [Source: Jemsite]


Ibanez Talman dating




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Ibanez guitar catalogs

Awesome set of Ibanez guitar catalog scans 1971 – 2005   http://s93105080.onlinehome.us/Ibanez-Catalogs/

1978 – 2002 http://www.ibanezrules.com/catalogs/index.htm

1982 – 1986 http://www.guitartechcraig.com/ibanez/catindx.html

1983-1985 Audiozone

Ibanez iceman catalogs http://vintageibanez.tripod.com/iceman.html

1985 , 1986 Axstar catalogs http://extinguishedscholar.com/axstar.html

1986 pricelist

Jedistar pricelist

Ibanez pricelist 1986

1988, 1990 Ibanez Artfield catalog scans

Ibanez JEM catalog scans 1988-1998 http://www.jemsite.com/ibanez/catalogs/index.htm


2007 Ibanez acoustic guitar catalog

2008 Ibanez acoustic guitar catalog

Ibanez have now published all of their catalogs back to the 1950s


Ibanez Artwood labelIbanez serial number

Images acoustic courtesy of Spahghetti AAGH 2008, electric courtesy of nicovington 2008

Guitar images courtesy Ben Van Dyk

1977 Ibanez Bob Weir