HoyerArnold Hoyer Esquire 1850s to present Founded by Fran Hoyer.

Dating Hoyer Guitars

“Sorry, but there is neither a date nor a number code system that could give you information of production date of older Hoyer guitars. Some people like Norbert Schnepel (www.musikkeller.com) or me can give a rough information due to some significant issues at the instruments. Hoyer company has been established in 1874 in Sch├Ânbach (noe Tchechian Republik), from 1945 Erlangen, actually D├╝sseldorf. The eldest existing Hoyer guitar is from 1852! We have an instrument of ca. 1890.” [Source: Michael Compernass, HOYER GUITARS e.K. email 17/3/2008]





Hoyer guitar label Made in Germany