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The Hot Chili Tube Co was based in 920 Queens Way, Bedford, TexasX 76021 USA.  Here is some text from the website from Wayback Machine.

Hot Chili Tube Company was founded and is dedicated to design, manufacture, market and sell the best quality analog and tube driven effects pedals possible. That is why we make sure every pedal is throughly tested for quality, durability, strength and tone before we ship it to you. If you want the BEST in hand made, point to point wired effects pedals, you will choose the Tubester. It is THE choice for serious, working musicians!

“When it comes to great tone, nothing beats a real tube pedal. As a gigging musician, I was frustrated by crappy “tube” pedals on the market, so I designed the Tubester. It simply sounds GREAT! Built like a tank with 14ga steel, I use only the best materials. Each one is individually wired by hand in the U.S., with point to point wiring and the best quality components from Carlingswitch, Switchcraft, Motorola, etc. If you want the best tube pedal at a reasonable price, this is it!”  -Don McCandless , Hot Chili Tube Company

What is a Tubester? A tube pre-amp distortion/overdrive pedal for guitar
• Pedals are a/c powered to provide the tube adequate voltage to achieve the best possible tone.
• Dual channel output with independent volume controls
• Hand built with point-to-point wiring
• Your choice of solid core cloth insulated copper wire or solid pure silver wiring
• Volume, Gain, Tone and…
• Unique Tube Voltage control for maximum versatility
• Every pedal comes with True Bypass Switching at no extra charge
What models are available?
DS-1 – distortion/overdrive pedal for guitar
CL-1 – non-distortion version of the Tubester
All Hot Chili Tube Co. products are Satisfaction Guaranteed.
If you try it and find that it does not meet your needs YOUR MONEY WILL BE RETURNED
What Does A Tubester Cost?
$259.00 for copper wiring
$50.00 for pure silver wiring