Hodges 2005 to present “I began selling guitars in 2005 and they are made in my shop, which is a converted 2 1/2 car garage next to my home in Hilliard, Florida, U.S.A.

The first few guitars were hand signed and numbered on the backstrap down the inside back of the guitar.
Beginning on #2005-18 I started using a label that has both the model name as well as the month and year of manufacture.  I start at #1 each year, so for instance right now I am on serial number 2008-31. This tells me it is the 31st guitar of 2008.
I don’t know of any of my customers who would sell their guitar, but you never know if they may at some point. There are currently 58 of them in the hands of customers from all around the world.” [Source: Ken Hodges, Hodges Handcrafted Guitars, Hilliard, Florida, USA, email 22/7/2008 ]

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