Herdim Herdim is the brand name the firm of Heinrich Hermann Dick from Markneukirchen. The company was probably founded in 1848 and was a mail order business for a range of fretted and fretless cordophones. In the 1930s the catalogue was expanded to include gramophones and recording machines.

What happened to the company in WW2 and the Cold War I don’t know but today there is a company, (or maybe more than one), who make nylon plectrums, Violin chin rests and hand tools particularly for luthiery. I also don’t know if this is the same company but I know the hand tools come from the same area? [Source and images: Lardy’s Ukulele database and Schlagggitarren . email 10/8/2012] Label photo is from a ukulele that was on sale in Estonia 2012.Herdim guitarHerdim label