Hascal Haile 1960s-1986 Monroe County, Kentucky native Hascal “Hack” Haile (1906-1986) began making guitars professionally after retiring from furniture making in the late 1960s. A lifelong musician, he made guitars for classical artists and country musicians alike. This special exhibition case features two of Haile’s guitars; an acoustic folk guitar (1983) and a solid body amplified acoustic guitar (1982). Haile received national attention when in 1980 the Smithsonian Institution accepted one of his guitars for its Hall of Musical Instruments and President Jimmy Carter received him at the White House. [Source: Western Kentucky University Libraries]

Newspaper article

Smithsonian example

Click on this image below to see a Hascal Haile design from “The Haile Method of Classical Guitar Construction by Frank M Pittman 1980 from ebay.