Harden Engineering 1999- William Harnden, builds electric guitars and effects pedals in Chicago.

“I have been building guitars for about 10 years, but they were one off pieces. In the lat 2 years ago I settled on a standard design and we have had this model ,the “Switchblade” in production since then. All our guitars are handmade and so each one is unique. Our pickups are our own design and are handmade as well.

Dating Harden Engineering Guitars

At this point there have been 30 switchblades made and as of yet there is no serial #, however starting 2009 we will implement the numbering system as follows

xxxI or 31 in roman numerals,

We have received a great interest in our guitars which hearken back to the good old days when people actually made things in America!” [Source: Bill Harden, email 22/11/2008]