Harana Guitars 1999 to present Handmade guitars from the Philipines

“I started building guitars here in my shop in Cebu City, Philippines in October of 1999. the date handwritten in the paper label glued to the inside back (visible through the soundhole) actually indicates when the guitar was finished /set up and not necessarily the date of manufacture.

Other information on the label includes Model: this is usually composed of two letters to indicate body style, (i.e. GC for grand concert) followed by a 3 digit number to indicate model specs with regard to woods, decoration etc. (i.e. 100 indicates a very basic model while a 300 is a more ornate model using spruce and rosewood) a combination of letters and numbers at the end of the model series indicate additional info ( a C at the end indicates it is a cutaway a 12s means its a twelve string, an LH means its left handed etc.)

A guitar with a model GC-100C would mean it is a basic grand concert with a cutaway. top is usually Agathis or kalantas while back and sides is mahogany, fret board bridge is merbau and finish is satin lacquer.

Because of the custom order nature of my shop I do not necessarily follow the spec number coding and just put 100 series although it is a much more ornate instrument.

The serial number is quite straight forward and is similar to martin, just a four digit number in sequence regardless of date of manufacture or model (i.e. a 0025 means its guitar number 25 that came out of the shop). an exception is my line of travel guitar which has a separate number series models included in this category are: BP, TG, TG-CL and TG-FL. Guitar number 0001 is not necessarily the first guitar because I had already made about 10 guitars before adopting a numbering system.

All in all I have already built 90 full sized guitar, about 70 travel guitars and about 10 assorted instruments (ukuleles, mandolins etc.) which is about

21 instruments a year.

Although we certainly can make ornate instruments with all those fancy shell inlays my design philosophy leans more toward simple elegant instrument with excellent tone and playability.’ [Source: Efren Muana, Harana Guitars, email 28/3/2008]