Frankinstein 2001 to present Frankinstein Guitar works . Seppo O.

” First Frankinstein built in 2001 under this brand name.  I make them in a home based shop in Woodstock, Ontario. All my instruments have sequential serial numbers starting from #1 in 2001 located in various locations on the body. About three years ago I started date stamping and initialling them.
I am an army of one; all aspects of Frankinstein are performed by me, and me alone. I have over 48 years experience working on predominately guitars and basses.
Here’s pix of a cigar box guitar I recently completed showing serial
number, date stamp, initials, logo. Of course in this case I did not build the body; it’s a genuine cigar box from the Philippines (as shown).
I received training from a professional luthier (who apprenticed with Hofner) during the 1970’s. [Source: Seppo O Valjakka, email 15/9/2008]Frankinstein guitar