Fouilleul 1983 to present “In 1979, Jean-Marie made his first guitar with tools available at home. After four years of pratice ,in 1983, he settled down in Rennes.  In 1989, he was awarded “Best Craftsman of France”. The chair of the panel was legendary French luthier, Daniel Friederich.  In 2005 Jean-Marie took over as head of the panel.

Since 2000, Jean-Marie has been working with the acoustic laloratory of the University of Le Mans (LAUM). The goal of this research is to create some data tools (coming from acoustic laboratory and adapted to a workshop) to understand and characterize the acoustic of the guitar during the making, and so complementing static measures like weight, top and back frequencies, flexion on top and neck …etc . This has led to the development of the “Helmholtz System”, a tool of guitar characterization ( top, back, inside air volume) in the low frequencies.

Parallel to these research, since 1997, he teaches at the European Institut of Music Trade, ITEMM.

Since 1998 he is located in his native Brittany. [Source: Jean-Marie Fouilleul, email 17/7/2008]

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Images courtesy of J Fouilleul: The “Helmholtz System”