“The history of Flatstone Amplifiers covers a period of about thirty years.

In about 1971Walt Gorgoschlitz, owner/builder, purchased a Gibson Super Medalist Amplifier with 7591 power tubes and C12N Jensen speakers and heard a certain warmth, clarity, and richness in tone that he did not hear again for a few years until a friend lent him a Fender Super Reverb. During the next thirty years, what would become Flatstone Amplifiers was the accumulation of Walt’s training and years of employment in metal fabrication and electronics. At the same time, he operated a 4, then 8, then 16 track recording studio at night and on weekends. Once again, after a long search for the perfect microphone it showed up in the form of a Neumann U-67 vacuum tube mic. It seemed no matter what the application, tubes always sounded much better. While running the studio. Walt studied electronics and began doing all of his own repairs. He was then asked to set up an electronic repair shop in a music store.

Since 1990 he has been doing repairs for as many as six music stores simultaneously, with the bulk of the repairs being vintage vacuum tube guitar amplifiers – mostly Fenders. With nearly 30 years of experience as a machinist, sheet metal fabricator, and welder it only stands to reason that he would accumulate the machinery and build his own amplifiers from bare metal and wood – incorporating design improvements to rectify problems he had encountered in his years of repair experience.

June 4, 2007
“I am writing this letter to inform all my Flatstone friends that as of last week I ended my 16 years as owner of Flatstone Amplifiers with the sale of the business to my friend Nic Patullo who I personally trained out at my shop in Poplar,WI. I feel I’ve left Flatstone Amplifiers in the absolute best hands possible and that it has the best chance of continuing on with Nic. In the recent years that I’ve known Nic starting from when he began working for me he has always been the most honest, fair person I could ever ask to deal with and caught onto tube guitar amplifiers faster than anyone else I’ve known. Like me he plays guitar and other instruments, runs a recording studio and enjoys digging into the electronics and figuring out what makes things really work. It’s no wonder we never run out of things to talk about. I figured after about 37 years of recording studios, electronic repairs and building custom guitar amplifiers that maybe I would do something different with the remainder of my life.

Not to say that I’m out of all that, I never could be. Just saying that I’ve scaled down a lot. I sincerely hope that all the friends I’ve made over the years will keep in touch and I wish Nic all the luck in the world…Walt Gorgoschlitz, Owner of Flatstone Music. [Source and images: Wayback Machine]


Images Flatstone combo from Reverb.com

Flatstone combo

Nic Patullo went on to set up New Vintage