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National flag guitars  updated 21/6/2015

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This is a collection of guitars that have impressions of national or state flags.  These are difficult to find so please email me some if you come across one I am missing.

The Americas




United States of America

There are many guitars with the stars and stripes on them. My favourite is this Michael Tobias Design bass guitar because I think it looks way cool. Check out a few more at Ed Roman.


2nd Bottom is a 1994 Aluminium Strat USA flag guitar

Bottom is a Kramer "Old Glory" telecaster courtesy of Alan Shipston June 2015.

MTD USA Flaf bass guitar

ESP USA Flag guitar

USA lag guitar, 1994 Aluminium body stratocaster


Trinity River guitar


Canadian flag guitar

Canadian flag guitar Maple leaf

Image Maple leaf guitar Freaking News

USA + Canada

USA and Canada flag double neck guitar


Main Street guitars + custom Tele


Texas flag guitar  Flag Texas state USA

New Mexico

New Mexico flag guitar


An often repeated image in the guitar kingdom.

Confederate flag guitar

Confederate flag Gibson guitar


Mexico flag guitar


Wicked - Shop Candy Québec

Quebec flag guitar

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico flag guitar


LTD guitar


Brazil flag  LTD guitar




French national flag guitar

United Kingdom

Epiphone Noel Gallagher Union Jack guitar.


Union Jack Epiphone guitar


Indie guitar, St George flag

England flag St George guitar


Indie guitar, St Andrew's flag

St Andrew's Flag of Scotland guitar


Italian Italy flag guitar


Irish Ireland flag guitar


Germany flag guitar




Indie guitar, Harlem

Australia flag guitar




Japan flag Rising Sun guitar Rising Sun flag guitar


TDL guitars


Philippines guitar flag