Elloree 1993- Handmade stringed instruments built from straight grained woods by Rick Felkel, 810 Tidwell Rd., West Monroe, LA California USA

“My business is located outside of West Monroe, Louisiana. February will make 18 years that I have been building instruments. To date, I have built about 1200 instruments. I have my own sawmill, and I harvest local trees as much as possible for the building of my instruments. And you’ve probably seen my site – www.elloreeguitars.com. The name Elloree comes from my home town, Elloree, South Carolina. I build all of my acoustic instruments with a maple label hard glued to the inside, readable through the sound hole. The month and year that I built the instrument are on that label, along with my name and address. Also, if it was custom built, I tell who it was built for.” [Source” Rick Felkel, email 26/10/2010]

“Here is a picture of the way I write up the inside of my acoustic instruments. And I always use maple on which to write all of my documentation. Maple is very white, so the wording is easy to read. Also, maple has a very tight grain, and the ink does not blur. I never use paper, because so many folks come into my shop needing repair work, and they don’t know much about their instrument because the paper label came loose and got lost a long time ago.” [Source: Rick Felkel, email 26/3/2011]Elloree label