Electro name plateInfo from ebay: – Up until 1965 Radio & Television Equipment Co and Electro String were distributors and manufacturers of a range of musical items including Rickenbacker. Similar to Fender and Gibson at the time they had dealerships in various areas which precluded them selling their wares to other stores in the area. Now to get around it they rebadged the equipment under another name. Fender – > White, Gibson – > Epiphone and Rickenbacker – > Electro. Unlike now, these items were built on exactly the same production lines as the main name items to the same standards.

Now in the case of the Electro M-8E it gets even better, because there was a change between the Rickenbacker M-8 and the Electro M-8E, they swapped the 6AV6 pre-amp in the Rickenbacker for a 12AX7 in the Epiphone. Did I hear someone say Fender Tweed Champ – yep exactly the same valve and speaker configuration. True point to point wiring, check out the chassis shot. This is what vintage valve amp hounds rave about. The circuit uses a 5Y3 rectifier, 12AX7 (7025) pre-amp and a 6V6 power valve.

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Electro combo amplifier