Ehlers Guitars 1968 to present “I started working on guitars in 1963, but didn´t make my first one until 1968. I have built 651 guitars to date.

My shop is now located in the state of Veracruz, in southern Mexico. I moved here about 10 years ago and still do all of the construction myself, with the exception of the finish work.
I have one employee doing parts production and another doing my lacquer work.

Until about 5 years ago my guitars had the manufacturing date on the neck block.
Usually it was combined with the serial number.  The number 300480 would mean that it was my 300th guitar and it was built in April, 1980. The number is now written on the inside of the top.

Most of the historical info, as well as photos ect. , is available on my website. I´m selling most of my guitars in England, Japan and the USA now.”  [Source: Rob Ehlers, email 17/7/2008]