Bruce Egnater made some combo amps and heads for Rocktron .

The difference between “Egnater” and “Egnater by Rocktron” TOLs?
“Egnater” amps are hand-built by Bruce Egnater. The “Egnater by Rocktron” amps were mass produced by Rocktron under Bruce’s supervision.
The Egnater by Rocktron TOL100 has a slightly different design than the original Egnater TOL100. The original TOL100 has a series effects loop; the Rocktron version has a series/parallel effects loop. Egnater TOL100H’s have no reveb; Egnater TOL100RC’s have tube driven reverb; the Rocktron TOL100 has a solid-state reverb driver in both the heads and combos. [Source: Egnater forum FAQ]

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