Egmond guitar headstock1932 – 1983

Egmond Made in Holland

Egmond was founded by Ulke Egmond, originally in Eindhoven, later in Beste, Netherlands.

Dating Egmond Guitars

“Unfortunately you cannot date Egmond guitars by the numbers. You can only give a rough dating by looking in their catalogues and by the types of parts they used in their different years. Best dating info for Egmond guitars is here ” ¬†[source: Wim Markenhof from¬†Egmond Guitars website, email 12/2/2007]

Hans Gatu runs an excellent Egmond site

Example at internet archiveImage Bruunari:Egmond guitar label

Brands made by Egmond include:

Rosetti, Wilson, Miller, Manhattan, Lion, Caledonie, Alpha ,Vega, Frima, Orpheum, Nobility

Egmond Solid 7 guitar and case from eBay