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Eden Analog was officially founded by Chris Sheppard and Robert Hafley in 2004 in an effort to bring quality, great sounding American made effects to guitarists. With backgrounds in electrical and electronics, love for the guitar and a growing contempt for the way mass-produced effects are being made they decided to design/build distortion pedals for their own use. They found (using high quality components chosen for a particular job instead of chosen for cost effectiveness) that a great sounding, quiet effect CAN be made! Soon their pedals became popular among their friends and then among local guitarists and EDEN ANALOG was born. They are proud to join other small companies who produce hand made American effects and look forward to offering guitarists another choice in the pieces of the puzzle as they put together a tone that’s as individual as they are.

Both Chris and Robert were fortunate enough to find awesome wives (who have put up with them all these years) and are blessed with wonderful children. Both have been playing guitar from their early teens and currently play in the band at their church. Chris at Mountaintop Church and Robert at World Outreach Center, both in central Alabama.

Q: How did you get started building pedals?
A: Both Chris and Robert have been playing guitar for many years and started out long ago modifying existing pedals in the search for that tone you hear in your head when you lie down to sleep at night. This grew into some original ideas and after all these years we’re pleased to make them available to the public.

Q: Do you build custom “one-off” pedals according to a customer’s design/specification?
A: Typically no. For right now we just don’t have the time, although we may offer limited run effects from time to time.

Q: Do you repair or mod other manufacturer’s pedals?
A: We only service eden analog products.

Q: Can I use the Nashville and the Austin together at the same time?
A: Please do! The combination of those two make for some great lead tones that really cut through.

Q: Will your pedals work with XYZ setup?
A: In the “ON” mode our pedals are buffered to work with most any guitar/effect/amp setup. If you have something really really strange contact us and we’ll be glad to offer an opinion.