Diezel Diezel Amplification GmbH  founded by Peter Diezel is a small firm based in Bad Steben, Germany.

Start manufacture in 1992 (Dezember).

Dating Diezel Amps


080928 08 – Year 0 Mono 928th VH4 we made

081250 08 – Year 1 Stereo 250th VH4S

Herbert         001/1000        001=Herbert        1000 is the serial number
Einstein 50        002/…..
Einstein 100        003/…
Einstein Combo 004/0…
Columbus^        800/…

The year when those amps have been build is registered but is not shown on the chassis.  People can gladly send me a request” [Source: peterstapfer(at)diezelamplification.com, email 19/3/2008]



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