DaionDaion Handcrafted GuitarsDaion guitar head stock logoDaion guitar serial number 1978-1984 Daion was a brand that debuted in 1978, part of a collaboration between MusiConics International, Inc. (MCI) of Waco, Texas, best known as the makers of the legendary Guitorgan, and the luthier Hirotsuga Teradaira, a maker who specialized in cedar-topped guitars outfitted with brass nuts and saddles for increased sustain. [Source: Michael Wright at Myrareguitars]

Made in Japan by Yamaki, and distributed in North America by MCI Inc (based in Waco, Texas) between 1978-84 — Daion guitars were reasonably high quality instruments offered at reasonable prices. [Source: cpaulcarter]

According to the examples I have seen of acoustic Daion guitars the label states “Made for Musical Instruments Central Australia –  Made in Korea”

Yamaki-Daion guitar history from the internet archive

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1981 http://www.t-shiga.com/sub7-5-1-48.htm [This link will work on wayback machine]

1982 catalog

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Daion 81 Caribouguitar labelDaion electric guitar

Daion Barbarian below courtesy of Ben van Dyk, Canada

Daion Barbarian electric guitar