Casey Kent Current at 2010 Casey Kent makes guitars in Montana, USA

From the interne archive:

“At Kent Lutherie, Casey Kent and Gary Kent are dedicated to creating the finest hand built guitars and acoustic instruments possible. Each instrument is crafted from premium solid woods that are chosen for their tonal quality as well as appearance. The standard for excellence at Kent Lutherie is extremely high. Every aspect of a Kent guitar’s construction is guided by the goal of achieving perfection. The result, beautiful works of art that sound heavenly.

Kent Lutherie builds most instruments to customer specifications using the best time tested designs in guitar construction. Kent guitar owners have a personalized one of a kind instrument of premium quality for often times less money than the best factory produced guitar.

Casey’s passion for woodworking and music began at an early age. As a boy he would spend countless hours in his father’s cabinet shop developing the skills of a fine wood worker. Casey’s father remembers that even at a young age he had an eye for the finite and the precise and delicate touch necessary to create works of remarkable beauty. During these years Casey discovered another passion, playing guitar. His childhood dream was to someday combine these two passions and build guitars. He began to fulfill this dream with his study at the Roberto Venn School of Lutherie in Phoenix, Arizona. Under the tutelage of the renouned luthiers John Reuter and William Eaton he completed several guitars as well as an F-5 style mandolin.

After completing his training at RobertoVenn, Casey continued to build guitars before moving to Anchorage, Alaska. There he worked for several years focusing on repair and restoration work. This experience gave him an in depth understanding of what to bring into the construction of a guitar to insure its tone quality, longevity and playability. Casey then returned to his home state of Montana and established Kent Lutherie LLC with his father, Gary Kent, and now devotes himself full time to building his favorite instrument, the steel string guitar.

Casey’s shop is located in the heart of the Northern Rockies near Glacier National Park. He finds that this environment provides the ideal climate and inspiration to create instruments of impeccable sound and quality.

Casey believes that once you play a high quality guitar like his you’ll likely be hooked and never want to play anything else. Spend some time talking with him and you will discover his dedication and commitment to creating the finest instruments possible.

In a recent news interview he stated:
“I can’t imagine doing anything else that makes me this happy. Each guitar I build is a very special experience. My hands are on the guitar the whole time. It’s probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to giving birth.”

Casey is a Certified Luthier and a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and The Association Of Stringed Instrument Artisans.