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“BUZIN Custom Drums & Cymbals Makers
Yossi Buzin knows drums.

Since 1973, he has played with some of Israel’s leading acts. He backed vocalists and shows, played in groups and recording sessions and gigged in every conceivable musical situation.

Yossi is a freak of drums and drummers, but above all – he is a freak of drum sound. Between 1982-1995, he worked as drum salesman for a major importer/distributor of musical instruments. From his vantage point as a professional drummer, drum salesman and subsequently drum shop owner, he watched drum evolution from the early 1970s to this day.

Becoming independent in 1995, Yossi became disillusioned with the predominate trends of the drum industry. Quality was being traded off for “cost-effectiveness”; major drum manufacturers were disappearing and marketing executives, rather than instrument makers, were calling the shots. Decent quality drums were no longer affordable to most working drummers. The industry was changing – and not for the better. It became dominated by sameness: most brands were offering similar drum lines, sold at similar price points, and in many cases – manufactured to similar specs by the same OEMs.

Since the late 1970s, drums were becoming increasingly larger and heavier and drum shells and heads were becoming increasingly thicker. As far as drum sound was concerned, resonance and projection were no longer desirable. Drum and drumhead manufacturers were aiming for the “flat/wet” or “bottom” sound favored by Rock drummers and record producers.
At the other end of the spectrum, “vintage” drums were still being used (and becoming increasingly popular) among drummers in other genres like Jazz, Pop & ethnic music, where a lively, resonant drum sound was still preferred. Somewhere in the mid-1990s, after decades of “dead” drum sound, manufacturers were once again offering “vintage-like” drums with enhanced resonance and projection.

As could be expected, the decline of the major names and the demand for non-standard products led to the emergence of small custom drum makers. These firms offer fine drums, looking and sounding great. But how many gigging drummers around the world can truly afford those customized sets?
At the same time, drummers were asking themselves: why should we relinquish the fine characteristics that were once standard features of most drums just to serve the interests of the major corporations?
Back to Yossi Buzin.

In all his years as a working drummer and drum salesman, Yossi had a vision in his mind, an image of visually attractive drums with quality thin shells, superior hardware and heads, producing tons of resonance and volume and accessible to drummers at all levels. He knew these drums would have to be different. The sound he had in his mind could not be obtained from the mass-produced drums of the day – only from high-end drums that most drummers could not afford.

In 1999, he began experimenting with a set of drum shells made to his unusual specifications. He stained, drilled and finished those shells by hand, and used standard hardware and heads to assemble his first set.
The first set Yossi had built sounded simply awesome. The country’s best drummers, as well as visiting drum luminaries from abroad, played the set and extolled its virtues. Yossi proved custom drums made to his own specifications could be built and played. The drum sound he had in his mind became a reality. This was the beginning of BUZIN DRUMS – Yossi Buzin’s own brand of custom-made drums.

In 2003-2004, Yossi lived in Los Angeles, where he built his custom drums for Drum Connection – a local drum store. Some of the world’s most notable drummers, including Lennie White, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Jeff Hamilton, Doane Perry, Steve Ferrone, Mark Mondesir and Steve Smith (who conducted a clinic at the store), praised Yossi’s drums.

Yossi introduced BUZIN DRUMS at the winter 2004 NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Hundreds of visiting professionals from around the globe who tested the drums were very impressed and the show was a great success for BUZIN DRUMS.

BUZIN DRUMS offer no groundbreaking innovations – only the best and most useful features of the best drums of the past, all carefully studied and professionally integrated in a single, quality package. BUZIN DRUMS feature thin, highly resonant Canadian maple shells; durable drum parts made in Israel using the best materials (e.g. aviation grade aluminum, stainless steel) to the most stringent specifications; professional grade hardware; the best drumheads; supreme hand finishes and finally – careful fitting and tuning by professional drummers.

Over the years, Yossi gained substantial experience in cymbal testing, evaluation and selection. To complement the drum sound he had in his mind, he decided to engage the services of Turkish cymbal makers to manufacture premium handmade Turkish cymbals, the traditional way, exclusively for the

BUZIN brand.
The BUZIN cymbal range consists of Six professional-grade series: Custom Brilliant, Custom Vintage, Custom Tattoo, Custom Madness, Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal Bebop The complete range offers an extensive variety of cymbal sounds for all music genres, tastes and playing styles.

Yossi Buzin opened his first drum shop in 1995. He sold products imported by others, he imported and distributed some major brands, supplied drum sets to stage productions, TV shows and music festivals and continued to play drums professionally.

In 1999, he launched BUZIN DRUMS – his own brand of custom-made drums.
For him, making and selling drums, just like playing drums – is a labor of love.

From the outset, BUZIN DRUMS was a family business, with Adi, Yossi’s sister, serving as CEO, Samuel (“Shmulik”), Yossi’s brother, taking care of logistics and running the Tel-Aviv showroom/store and Yossi overseeing all R&D and manufacturing activities.

Completing the management team is marketing executive Yitzhak (“Itzik”) Hillel – a first-rate professional drummer possessing extensive experience in drum sales & marketing.

With typical Israeli cheek backed by a proven track record, the BUZIN DRUMS Company now targets the professional segment of the international drum market. Like other players on the custom field, BUZIN DRUMS offers great sounding drums with a host of features and advantages. But unlike those other manufacturers, the Company’s pricing policy is much more realistic and drummer-friendly. A great sound, stunning visuals, practical, proven features and a sensible price tag – that is the BUZIN DRUMS formula!”

Based on a forum at Drummerworld apparently Buzin became DC California