Bruunari 2003 to present I started to play guitar when I was 12 which is 50 years ago now.

I started to fix guitars for myself and others 6 years ago but I decided to start my education at the same time because I wanted to know more about guitar building.

It took three years in total to become a master.  A degree I received in April 2008.

In the mean time I had over 500 guitars in my hands of which 250 worldwide were sold.

All my “sellable” instruments have a “Artistic Lutheri Bruunari” label inside with an unique number, the date it was originally built and the date it was restored or repaired.

I have 5 standard photo’s of each guitar and if it is a complicated repair or restoration I make a photo report of the whole process.

I live and work in Wervershoof which is a small town 50 km north from Amsterdam.” [Source: Bruno Merks, email, 18/4/2009]Bruunari guitar label