Brubaker 1998 to present I started the business officially in 1998 but had been making and selling stuff about 5 years or so prior to that.

Dating Brubaker guitars

I number all instruments on the back of the headstock and I think in the early days the year came first, then the actual number of the instrument in that year. – like 1999-005- the fifth instrument made in 1999.   From around 2003 the numbering is like this – 001-03, meaning the first instrument built in 2003.   I keep production sheets on all instruments from 2003 to date.  Anything prior to that is sketchy due to the fire back in 2003.  [Source: Kevin Brubaker, email 22/3/2008]

From the website

We operate out of about a 2000 sq. ft. space in a building located in Reisterstown, Maryland. All the instruments start as rough slabs of wood and are painstakingly machined by hand, using templates and pin routers. Many of our tools have been custom made or modified to accomplish certain tasks accurately and efficiently (i.e.-24 fret fingerboard slotting saw, fingerboard radius sander, custom neck router bits, etc.). I handle all the business related issues and am involved with overseeing every part of the production of the instruments. I also tend to be in the spray booth and the assembly room quite a bit. David DeMarco is the chief design, prototype and production engineer. Brian Burton and Darren Schillaci are the production managers.

1990 was the year I actually started making a few bass guitar sales in the local market place. I slowly and steadily increased the sales by word of mouth.

I incorporated the business officially as Brubaker Guitars, Inc. in the year 1999, then started seeking dealers and taking on custom orders.

2010 Brubaker catalog