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Breedlove Guitars are made in Bend, Oregon

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Breedlove Serial Number System
Instruments built by the Breedlove Custom Shop from early 1999 onward will bear a sequential four digit serial number. We switched to this numbering system 209 instruments into 1999, starting with number 2000.

Prior to that, a five-digit system was utilized, with the first two digits denoting the year of manufacture, and the second three digits assigned sequentially by instrument completion date. For instance, an instrument with serial number 96-040 would have been the 40th instrument to be started in the 1996 calendar year.

2006: 8491* – ????
7500 – 8490
2004: 6445 – 7499
5161 – 6444
2002: 4071 – 5160
3218 – 4070
2631 – 3217
2000 – 2630

NOTE: Serial numbers are assigned to instruments at the start of production. Because different types of instruments take different amounts of time to complete, they do not usually emerge from the production process in order of serial number. For this reason, it’s hard to pin down the end of the building year to a simple set of ranges as expressed above. To make this resource completely accurate, we would need to list exceptions individually. For instance, there may be a custom Master Class guitar with serial number6441 that was completed in early January 2004, while a stock Quartz mandolin with serial number 6447 might have been completed in December 2003.

In other words, consider the above ranges somewhat approximate. If you are on the cusp of a year and wish to find out exactly when your instrument was completed and shipped to a Breedlove dealer, please contact us by email. Include your serial number and a brief description of the instrument.

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This Breedlove guitar serial number 3322 is from 2001 based on the above list.Breedlove guitar serial number label