Boucher Guitars 2005 to present From the Boucher web site – There’s a long tradition of quality behind Boucher Guitars. Noted musician and Cabinetmaker Norman Boucher founded Canada’s first acoustic guitar manufacturing company (Norman Guitars Inc.) in the tiny Quebec village of La Patrie in 1968.

Together with his son Claude, Norman began to make and sell a guitar inspired by the CF Martin design, featuring a Dreadnought-type body and an X-shaped bracing under the soundboard.

In 1988, the family closed its store, selling the company and its trademarks; Claude continued to make some acoustic guitars, but not commercially. In December 1997, Norman Boucher passed away, leaving his son Claude the legacy of a master luthier.

In 2000, after more than ten years of research and improvement, Claude decided to craft high-quality acoustic guitars using only the best components, such famed Adirondack red spruce. He began to stock raw material and share is passion with his son Nicolas.

In 2005, Robin Boucher the nephew of Norman Boucher, joined his cousin Claude to start the (Boucher Guitar Products Inc.) & (Boucher Adirondack Collection Inc.) companies. The tradition continues
“Name : Boucher Guitar Products Inc.

Address : 40 route St-Francois

City : Berthier-sur-Mer ( where the guitars are built )

Quebec, Canada

Starting date : March, 2005

Identifying and dating Boucher Guitars

Serial Number label Coding System:

It works with the 4 following steps: Series, Prefix, Suffix & Digits

The first thing to be determinate is the series of the guitar.

4 Series are available: Genuine, Studio, Artist & AVT

Will follow

Prefix: To determinate the guitar model.

The first & last letters of the model name are the S/N prefix.

Example: WT for Walnut Goose or CY for Cherry Goose (always 2 letters)

Suffix: To determinate the guitar size

Example: D for Dreadnought, J for Jumbo, OM for Orchestra Model & 000

Digits: The first guitar built of a series & a particular model begin by # 1001

Example #1: (Studio) MY 1005-D

Is the fifth (Studio) Mahogany Goose model built in Dreadnought size.

Example #2: (AVT) MY 1005-D

Is the fifth (AVT) Mahogany Goose model built in Dreadnought size.

Example# 3: (Studio) MY 1005-OM

Is the fifth (Studio) Mahogany Goose model built in Orchestra Model size.

Finally, the month and the year of making always appear on each guitar S/N label.” [Source: Robin Boucher, email 22/4/2008]