BondBond electraglide headstock 1984-85 The Bond Electraglide was a carbon fiber electric guitar manufactured by Bond Guitars between 1984 and 1985. Mick Jagger bankrolled the company that made this guitar and his brother ran the company. The guitar was innovative, with a unique stepped fingerboard instead of frets, but rather sterile sounding. It had LED indicators for volume controls and a unique molded fingerboard. They allegedly spent over $150.000 in tooling just to make the molded cases that came with the guitar! Mick Jones of the Clash played one for a while.

The Bond Electraglide was matte-black, 3-pickup, with a unique stepped aluminum fingerboard (anodized black) instead of traditional frets. Pickup switching, volume and tone controls were completely digital, powered by a large internal motherboard.
The player selected pickups via five pushbuttons; volume, treble and bass were incremented numerically via digital rocker switches, confirmed by a three-colour LED readout.
The guitar required an external power supply pack and given the state of engineering at the time, was relatively bulky; it never really caught on in the marketplace and only about 1400 units were ever manufactured. [Source: wikipedia]

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