Bond Guitars 1987 to present Bond guitars – hand made guitars since 1987 by Mike Bond, Austin Texas, USA.

“1987 is the year I built my first guitar.

I split my time each year between my house in Austin Texas USA, and a cabin in the Rocky Mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado USA. I build them with hand tools so I can get all my shop into my Volvo wagon along with any guitar bodies I am currently building. My work space is a 24 inch by 40 inch surface that also goes with me to both homes. As the website shows, I try to most of the building process outside as I like the open air more than an indoor shop setup. This is allowed due to the Colorado June ? October and Austin TX October thru May arrangements. I can also pick up and to Tennessee or any
other location and do exactly the same thing.

My maternal grandfather built violins in a small Appalachian mountain town in Virginia by the name of Wise, VA.

Dating Bond guitars

Each guitar has a signed and dated label inside that is visible from the sound hole. The first two characters of the serial number (which is stamped in visible spots on the neck block and tail block) indicate the model
(ie: DB ? dreadnaught bluegrass model
DF ? dreadnaught fingerpicker model
DC ? Dreadnaught cutaway
EL- electric six string
The numbers that follow these indicators are the serial numbers.
Example? DC ? 1024

[Source & images: Michael Bond, email 13/4/2010]