Black 2005- Black guitars was established in 2005 by Jon Free, Church St, London.Guitar & Bass Repairs
With over 25 years of experience in guitar repairs, Black Guitars was established in 2005 and soon managed the Guitar Repairs Workshop at Rose-Morris on Denmark Street, London WC1. Black Guitars currently provides specialist Guitar Repairs and Custom Work for Macari’s Musical Instruments on Charing Cross Road, London, and for North London Music Centre in Enfield

Custom Guitars
BLACK ROSE ARCHTOPS are a small range of Painstakingly Rebuilt Vintage c.1950s Archtops, introduced in 2004.
These one-off Restored Vintage Beauties are built using a Handmade European Archtop from the 1950s as a chassis, which I then structurally re-engineer and electrify to rival or surpass classic Vintage Gretsch designs.

TIN-TONE Guitars are a range of innovative Metal-Bodied Resonator Guitars, launched 2009.
Hand-Made from Adapted Antique Parts, these were inspired by the ingenuity of the antique Cigar-Box Guitars which launched the careers of many early blues players. Each Tin-Tone is Unique, and has an evocative and timeless sound all of it’s own!