Black Diamond Custom Guitar Shop made since 2000.

I have been building and rebuilding and customizing guitars for over 30-yrs in one form or another for musicians, also some celebrity musicians….every guitar i build is a personal challenge for me to do my very best, i build the old fashioned way….”By Hand” no C &C machines or computers here!
it may be more labor intensive but the end result is worth the extra effort…i do this as a “Labor Of Love” !!!
I ONLY use top grade raw materials in my shop as can be seen on my website
there you can see tons of clients pics of guitars i have built, or customized, everything is done by me only right her in my shop in the USA!
Dating Black Diamond Custom guitars
All my headstocks are stamped “USA MADE”
any totally hand built headstocks are stamped “BD USA” as of 2013
from 2008 to 2011 some series guitars such as PSTV (Paul Stanley Tribute V’s KISS) are stamped in one of the pickup pockets with a three digit serial number e.g. 001, 002, etc.
ALL guitars built or re-built in my shop have a Black Diamond TRC installed. if you are in doubt please feel free to email me direct because i keep detailed pics and info on file for every guitar i have ever built or rebuilt. [Source: Mike Binder, email


Black Diamond Custom