Bill Foley

Bill Foley is an internationally recognized luthier, innovator and writer based in Columbus, Ohio. Working on string instruments since 1972, Bill became one of the pioneers of custom guitar work with the release of his groundbreaking book, Build Your Own Electric Guitar, in 1986. Now in its tenth printing, Build Your Own Electric Guitar has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide, and a second edition is in process.

In addition to his luthiery work, Bill has been a consultant for pickup and component design. In 1991, he received a US Patent for the Grandaddy acoustic guitar bridge.

His other bridge designs include the Bonetop archtop guitar bridge, and the Load bass bridge, which will be available summer 2012.

“Bill has been building guitars for over 30 years but officially came out with the Bill Foley guitar line in 2011. All of his guitars are made in Columbus, Ohio.” [Source: Robert Landis, email 19/3/2013]