Bill Dinsdale 1979- Handmade guitars, Yorkshire England.

“I started building professionally under my own name in 1979. But had a break of about 10 years, starting again in 2003.
My workshop address is:
Bill Dinsdale ~ Guitars
24 Damems Road
West Yorkshire

Dating Bill Dinsdale guitars
My dating has been a bit random, scatty and erratic over the years and not very organised I’m afraid! Generally year of building is usually the last two digits in the serial number on the label.
You can find more info about me on my biog page  and some dodgy old photos of me.
I will attach a photo of my current label and my, now balder!, self.
I don’t have a logo as such but have in the past done various inlays to suit guitars or clients. These my or may not include in the motifs the letters WD or Dinsdale as a makers name. I am happy with my current arts and craft style font on the attached photo