Berumen early 2000s Isaac Berumen began building instruments about 10 years ago in his humble garage. Inspired by his guitar heroes (Slash/Page/Gibbons/Kossoff) and love for the Les Paul guitar, he built many ’59 replicas and several custom one-off custom guitars. For several year he did setups and fretwork for players in Austin which he enjoyed but soon found he’d rather be building guitars. In 2010, he got a chance to work at a well known builder (Teye Guitars) in Austin, TX for about 2 years where he honed his skills while continuing to work on his own guitars in his own shop as well as outfitting his shop with high quality tools. He has since gone independent as a luthier/builder and now designs and builds his own guitars. These guitars are handmade, one at a time in a true one man shop. Even parts such as the backplates, pickguards, switch tips and covers are handmade with original design elements. He has designed his guitars to be functional too ls capable of a wide range of tones. The neck construction, scarf joint, double headstock veneers, mortice and tenon joint, chambered body, glues, thin oil/varnish finish….these are all things that contribute to the tone of a Berumen guitar. Very open and resonant tone. The Berumen FlatTop is the flagship model but there are also CarveTops and GermanCarves that are available as options. Also available, Deluxe models that feature more stunning woods and different chambering design. Shop is in Autin, Texas. See Facebook
How to identify, tell date of manufacture
Serial numbers on right side of headstock. [Source and images: IsaacBerumen, email, 14/2/2014]