Benedetto 1968 to present Robert Benedetto (b 1946) Made his first archtop guitar in 1968. His reputation grew as he crafted guitars for noted players Bucky Pizzarelli, Chuck Wayne, Joe Diorio and Cal Collins, and, later, Johnny Smith, Jack Wilkins, Ron Eschete, Martin Taylor, Howard Alden, John Pizzarelli, Andy Summers, Jimmy Bruno and Kenny Burrell (collectively known as “The Benedetto Players”).

From 1999-2006, Benedetto had a licensing agreement with Fender Musical Instruments to produce his models in a small, controlled manufacturing environment. In 2006, Benedetto joined forces with Howard Paul to bring Benedetto Guitars to the next level, manufacturing a broad line of more affordable professional instruments without compromising the unparalleled Benedetto worldwide reputation for singular quality…to be located in Savannah, Georgia [Source: Benedetto Guitars ]

Dating Benedetto guitars

Benedetto archtops have a 4 or 5 digit serial number ..the last 2 digits in the # are the year in which the instrument was made .. The digits in front of the last 2 are the instruments place in production .  Note the guitar serial displayed on the left is from a guitar made in 2009 – sold on eBay early 2010.  it does not conform to the previous advice re serial numbers.

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