Belman guitars were handmade in Melbourne from 1996 to 2007 by Tony Bell, Melbourne Australia. Sadly Belman guitars are no longer produced.

Dating Belman Guitars

“…for the serial numbers, ours work like this. You may have an instrument that has HPG0124. The H is the shape so in this example Hornet, the P is for the model which in this case would be a “Plus” and the G is the alphabet number 7 (being the 7th letter in the alpha) for the 7th guitar built that particular month. Hope I haven’t lost you yet.

The numbers are for the year and month, so the outer 2 numbers are the year, in this case “04” and the inner 2 numbers are the month 12 which of course is December. We then went to a simpler numbering system last year, which is for example 06506. The first 3 digits are the number of guitar for that year being the 65th instrument, and the last 2 digits are the year 06. Hope this helps” [source: Tino, Belman, email 29/1/2007]

Images courtesy of East Music Gosford and Albatross, Aussie Guitar Gear Heads Forum:

Belman guitar headstock reverseBelman guitar label


Belman guitars profile including models and specifications detailed.